Our Philosophy

Zenuvio is not just another video game website. Its purpose is not just to show the latest and greatest video games about to hit the market. We're here to record video game history and we believe that no video game has an expiration date. As time goes by, technology improves, graphics get better, immersion becomes deeper, but the cunning of the human mind never becomes obsolete.

The effect a video game has on a person will change over time, but enjoyment never changes. People playing Space Invaders in 1978 felt just as excited playing as those playing Mario Galaxy in 2007.

Using this philosophy, it is Zenuvio's goal to maintain a complete database of video games throughout history by working closely with the video game community. Information and coverage regarding video games should be unbiased and strictly factual. The judging and ranking of games should be based on ingenuity, creativity, and customer enjoyment. We also should judge games that are groundbreaking for their time. The video game community is easily the best resource when it comes to judging the quality of a video game and providing information that no one has ever though of before.

We also believe that video games should get the same coverage and advertising, regardless of budget. We don't think it's fair for a game with a huge advertising budget to shoulder out other games that can't afford this same luxury.

The video game community is, by far, the most powerful resource when it comes to providing reviews, content, easter eggs, and other information about video games. It's our goal to provide easy-to-use tools to the community that will allow anyone to contribute to the recording of video game history.

With these ideals in place, we hope to offer the community a unique look at the ever-evolving history of video games, and while we're at it, we'll point you in the direction of some games that will blow your mind.

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